Always use Polymer Slurry

This month’s blog  –  We caution you that testing without polymer slurry allows you to overestimate soil strength. Some WILDCAT users don’t realize the importance of slurry. Slurry fills the  0.42 cm wide space between the rod’s 2.75 cm diameter and the point’s 3.59 cm diameter with viscous fluid, which prevents rod adherence.  By preventing rod adherence you will ensure the correct blows per 10 cm for the lost point.  Extraction of the rods is also made easier by using the slurry.

We now provide a better tank which has a brown outlet hose with a steel nipple and a trigger release of the pre-pumped slurry. The steel nipple provides strong coupling from the hammer rod to the slurry-introduction tubing. The trigger release can be attached to the metal connector coming from the hammer rod by screwing a TRU-FLATE 13-235 coupler acoplador onto the pistol end of the trigger release and pushing the coupler end over the metal connector.  You can buy one of the couplers from us for $12.00 plus shipping.  One pound of Polymer Slurry (P310/17) sells for $34.00 plus shipping. If your previously-purchased WILDCAT has a brass nipple, please contact us and we will upgrade you to a steel nipple at no charge.